Ozzie Has No Love For His Bullpen

Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox, is a little upset by the fact his team just blew their third 3-run ninth inning lead of the season. An obviously frustrated Guillen is feeling the effects of a 7-5 start. Especially when you consider if the team had no blown saves this year they would be a league best 11-1. Check out his post game comments.

With the fact being that the White Sox should be 11-1 and knowing how close the race always is for playoff positioning, I’m almost lead to believe Guillen is being too easy on his closers. If that was my team in that situation, I think I would be a lot harder on the guys who are not doing their job. These are professionals that get paid a lot of money to work two or three innings a week. It’s not a big work load but you have to be effective when you come into the game. Their appearances in my mind have been unacceptable. What do you think, is Guillen going too far or not far enough?


2 responses to “Ozzie Has No Love For His Bullpen

  1. Ozzie is going way too soft on guys that have 7+ ERA’s. He should lose his shit over Thornton’s 3+ WHIP.

    The worst part is he has himself to blame partially because he keeps sending these hacks out to the mound when he has my by Sergio Santos posting crazy good numbers and has a long, long reach from the mound. When Ozzie realizes his mistake, watch out for the White Sox!

  2. Shameless self fantasy promotion….I want to say I expect more from you Henry but that would just be a lie.

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