Top 10 Plays of the NBA’s Regular Season

With the NBA Playoffs starting on saturday we figured we would look back one last time upon the NBA’s regular season. I don’t know about you but this season has been the most intriguing NBA season for me since Shaq signed with the Lakers. So much emotion all throughout the regular season that I, to borrow a line from Bart Scott, “CAN’T WAIT” for the playoffs to start. So please enjoy and after watching the video let us know you thoughts on the top 10 and if you think they are in the right order.

Also check out the NBA’s worst play of the year right here.


4 responses to “Top 10 Plays of the NBA’s Regular Season

  1. That was a lot more than 10 plays. You lied Ryan!

  2. NBA Playoffs: name your final four.

    I’m taking the Bulls and Heat in the East and the Spurs and Mavs in the West.

    Also, Ryan’s Knicks win one game.

  3. How are the Lakers not in your final 4? Bite your tongue Dallas!

  4. I’m taking from the East the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat (after a rough 7 games series with the Knicks the Heat get run over by the Bulls) and in the West I got the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers of Anaheim….wait….yes that’ll do.

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