CBC’s ‘The Head Hunter’ Starring Raffi Torres

In his first game back after serving a four game suspension, Vancouver Canauck forward, Raffi Torres pulled a Trevor Gillies and now finds himself in hot water once again. Half way through game 3 last night the Canuck’s grinder delivered another head-shot. This time he landed it on Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Brent Seabrook. This hit follows word-for-word violation of rule 48 in the NHL rule book. First, the point of impact was the opposing players head. Secondly, the opposing player was in a defenceless position and Torres didn’t let up. This should have been a 5-minute major and a game misconduct but was ruled a 2-minute minor for interference. Add in the fact that Torres is fresh off a four-game suspension for a hit to the head, thus making him a repeat offender, and I believe we are going to see a Matt Cooke Like suspension from the NHL.

Check out the video and give us your thoughts.


6 responses to “CBC’s ‘The Head Hunter’ Starring Raffi Torres

  1. I can’t believe Torres wasn’t suspended omg. I’m glad that someone seems to agree with me…

  2. Wow what a joke, the NHL is so ridiculous. How did Matt Cooke and Trevor Gillies get suspended for so long? It makes absolutely no sense!

  3. The NHL is so full of shit. If this isn’t a punishable offense, I’m not sure what is. If those are the points of rule 48, this should’ve been the end of the playoffs for Torres.

  4. I would argue with you guys that this actually might not be a punishable offence BUT the NHL is making it very difficult to tell what is and is not a legal hit. Torres’ hit on Eberle was not illegal. Torres actually did a pretty good job keeping his elbow down and using his shoulder in that hit. The problem: Eberle was in a vulnerable position and the hit really wasn’t necessary. At least that’s what I thought the suspension was for.

    This hit I would say is a little dirtier than the Eberle hit but not by much. However, once again, a defencemen in an incredibly vulnerable position and it would be tough to argue the hit was necessary. This is the video the NHL should use to define the new charging penalty. It should have been 5 minutes and a game suspension.

    I gotta admit as well that I wouldn’t be as upset about the non-suspension if the NHL didn’t suspend Torres two weeks ago for a very similar play. Consistancy: I can’t get it out of my golf game why should I expect it from the NHL?

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