Two NBA Games End In Controversy

The New York Knicks and Boston Celtics started their playoff series yesterday but the game ended with a little controversy. With just over 20 seconds left, and a one-point lead for the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony was called for a offensive foul. The call is getting all sorts of scrutiny from around the league and fans alike. Boston’s Ray Allen hit the game winning three point shot on the next possession as a result of the call. My Knicks lost to the referees not to the Celtics. As far as I’m concerned this is still a 0-0 series and the Knicks will still sweep! Check out the highlights of last nights action.

In the late game last night we saw the Oklahoma City Thunder down the Denver Nuggets in game one of their series. This game also ended in controversy with another questionable call coming from the referees. With just over a minute left the Thunder took the lead on what was clearly an illegal basket by Kendrick Perkins. The Thunder never looked back from that point on as they held off the Nuggets for a 107-103 win. Check out the call and all of the highlights right here.


2 responses to “Two NBA Games End In Controversy

  1. I’m not so convinced there is much of a controversy in the Knicks game. Melo clearly pushes off the defender for an offensive foul. If the referee had allowed it and he follows with a basket, we would’ve had a real controversy. Ryan you need to take off the Knicks colored glasses. They suck. The Nuggets rule.

  2. Mike Brown makes me want to shoot my self, Oh my god!! This guy at one point in the game against the kings today rellay had Steve Blake at point guard, Matt Barnes at shooting Guard, Ron artest at Small Forward, LUKE FUCKING WALTON at Power Forward, and Troy Murphy at Center for like 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter? WOW.. He took out Goudelock because he couldn’t get his 3pt shot to go down on 2 attempts and didn’t let him play for the rest of the game, same for Ebanks who is a STARTER and is SO underrated offensively and was shooting 3-4 in the first half he missed a difficult fast break lay up which was unbalanced because of a bad pass by Kobe, and Brown or should i say Clown took him out for the rest of the game as well, but i guess i understand cuz artest had it going today.. But man dude, there offense looks ridiculous, it looks like what me and my friends would be running in a pick up game at the park, and OH YEAH omg it pissed me off soooo bad, MIKE CLOWN rellay took a timeout during that bulls game, at 1.4 seconds left in the first half and they didn’t even have POSSESSION OF THE BALL, Luol Deng was shooting free throws, LIKE WTF!? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! They showed Kobe and Mike Brown next to eachother on that timeout before they went to commercial and dude it looked SOO awkward like i could tell in Kobe’s mind he was like WOW This guy is a fucking idiot! and mike brown realized what he was just horrible, mike brown is just guessing the line ups, its ridiculous matt barnes didn’t even play one minute in that bulls game smfh, oh well , that was our game to win against the bulls, and we did it without bynum..So i kind of expect these losses but still dude mike brown is a joke, i never knew how bad of a coach he was until now yo, i knew he coached the cavs, but i never rellay paid attention to the cavs, and when i heard mike brown got hired everyone was saying are u serious ? but the way he was talking about his plans for the lakers and how he was a defensive Guru, I had high praise and faith in this guy bcuz of the way he was presenting himself but MAN oh my god, now i know why lebron wanted to leave and why everyone laughed at the mike brown hire Jim buss is just as much of a joke as Mike Brown is.. Jim Buss’s face gets on my nerves, he needs to let his dad do the hiring and firing..omg..that is all..

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