Downie Shows Penguins No Love Or Joy

A night after Raffi Torres of the Vancouver Canucks delivered what appeared to be an illegal head shot on Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Brent Seabrook, we had two more controversial hits. Last night we had Steve Downie, of the Tampa Bay Lightning, almost replicate the Torres’ hit but this one was on Pittsburgh Penguin defenceman Ben Lovejoy. Incredibly there was no suspension for the Torres hit so I would be shocked now if Downie receives a suspension.

Later in the same game however we had Regina native Chris Kunitz elbow Simon Gagne directly in the back of the head. Kunitz received a two minute elbowing penalty on the play but this one looks like it has to be suspend-able. If the NHL doesn’t step in now I fear for what tomorrows highlights may bring.

Check out both hits and lend us your thoughts.


6 responses to “Downie Shows Penguins No Love Or Joy

  1. That Kunitz elbow was some cold, calculated stuff. That elbow was so far from his body, it looked like it wasn’t attached. Why do I feel like anyone in their right mind would punish these plays and yet the NHL will find a way to call them hockey plays?

  2. I just don’t get it, that Kunitz play is just an indefensible attempt to injure an opponent, he should be gone for a long time. At least the Downie hit could be loosely described as an over-exuberant body-check.

  3. Somebody raised an interesting point when discussing the matter with me last night: could head hits simply be a story the media is picking up and running with? These things are real, there’s no doubt, and the consequences are real. But these guys have all been playing hockey for a long time, I’m sure they fully understand the nature of the game and have seen many dirty plays along the way. If the media didn’t jump all over these stories, would the players band together and take their concerns to Gary Bettman?

    Of course there would be the normal reactions, ie. “A dirty play for a dirty player”, “Take him out”, that kind of stuff. But do the players see head hits as being such a big deal or have all of them simply accepted that this is life in the NHL? And if so, do athletes in physical sports need to be protected from themselves?

  4. It is interesting and obviously players are going to draw more attention to it when they or a teammate gets hit like that. The biggest loser of all of this ridiculous non-sense that has been the NHL’s discipline hearings, is Matt Cooke. The guy did nothing worse than Kunitz or in my mind Downie and Torres. Yet he got a 10 regular season game and first round of the playoff suspension. How does that make any sense at all?

  5. I agree that elbow from Kunitz was definitely meant to cause some serious pain and suffering!! If that would have connected yikes I hate to think what could have happened. That should be suspendable as it was so calculated and obvious!! The other play, not in the same category not an evil attempt to take someone’s head off.

  6. Sorry for the late response Dallas, I was delivering a baby.

    Hell yes athletes need to be protected from themselves, especially in the NHL. These guys want to shake off serious concussions, laugh it off when they get their bell rung, and not wear visors or cages. Anyone who cares for the league, and especially those who are profiting from it, including the players, should take health concerns in their game seriously. As glorious science continues to learn more, we need to update our thinking and change cultures when necessary to adapt.

    Get on it NHL.

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