Here’s Why Derrick Rose Will Be MVP

With a few critical possessions left in the game, the ball was in the hands of a familiar face in Chicago. It was really quite a sight, and as the shots rained in at the perfect times, one would tend to ponder if the guy hitting the shots was wearing the jersey number twenty-three. In reality, he was wearing number one.

The new folk hero in Chicago, Derrick Rose has been absolutely on fire in the playoffs so far against the Indiana Pacers, as he helped control the flury produced by the likes of Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Granger. The real question that is swirling around the landscape of the NBA right now, is Derrick Rose deserving of the “Most Valuable Player” award?

After dropping in a playoff high thirty-nine points and thirty-six points in front of the Bulls faithful, it was clear that he keeps improving and really hasn’t even hit his window just yet. Rose helped lead Chicago to the best record in the league and has awoken a fan base that was figuratively asleep for many years since the glory seasons with Michael Jordan. As Rose and his teammates look to finish off the Pacers, and head onto the next round, we wait in absolute excitement to see truly if this twenty-two year old all-star is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

Written by Kristian Dignazio for Athlete’s Angle.

As a treat for you here is Derrick Rose’s top 10 plays from this season.


4 responses to “Here’s Why Derrick Rose Will Be MVP

  1. Won’t this make him the youngest MVP in league history as well? Unreal!

    What’s even more impressive, conspiracy theorist get ready, is in 2008 Derrick Rose was the No.1 overall pick. The Bulls finished with the 9th overall pick but won the lottery in a very big way.

    So who you may ask was the team that was last place in the league that year? The beloved MIAMI HEAT.

    In so many ways that draft class shaped and altered the NBA landscape for years to come!

  2. “In so many ways that (2008) draft class shaped and altered the NBA landscape for years to come!” WTF!!! Every draft class changes and alters the NBA landscape… There is no conspiracy theory-thing here. It is just how the game evolves…

  3. I think it is easy to say that years class reshaped the league not just because of Rose being picked but the fact that the Heat lost the lottery. By losing it the Heat then signed Bosh and James, something that would not have happened if Rose was playing with the Heat.

    Look at the 2007 and 2009 NBA drafts and try and convince me that those draft years altered the NBA and had nearly as big a ripple effect that the 2008 draft had…

  4. As much as I hate conspiracy theories, I like the conclusions Ryan has drawn. I like making up these magical “what if” scenarios. They intrigue the hell out of me. Now I wonder, however, would the Heat rather have “the Big 3” or Derrick Rose. KaPlow!

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