Ain’t No Party Like A Real Madrid Party

Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey Cup last night by defeating their rivals Barcelona 1-0 in extra time. Cristiano Ronaldo scored on a header to give Real Madrid it’s first cup victory in 18 years. Real Madrid later rode atop a bus on route to Cibeles, where 60,000 fans awaited to celebrate with them. Unfortunately on the way defender Sergio Ramos dropped the 33-pound cup from the roof of the bus and then the bus proceeded to run it over. Thus ruining 60,000 fans evening.

Check out the video.


5 responses to “Ain’t No Party Like A Real Madrid Party

  1. Too funny! Sports video of the freakin’ year!

  2. Ramos dropping the cup reminds me of when Dallas drops a joke on the show. Thus ruining 8 peoples day.

  3. Real funny Henry. Heh, my jokes may take awhile to get out and might completely butcher the delivery and they might sound a lot funnier in my head…where was I going with this?

  4. I’m telling you, every time I watch it…hysterics! So funny!

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