Joe Thornton FINALLY Delivers

With the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings playing in their third overtime of the series an unlikely hero ended it all. With a 3-2 series lead for the Sharks, the Kings needed a win to stay alive. Unfortunately for the Kings it wasn’t meant to be as Joe Thornton, who has been widely criticized for his play in the the playoffs through out his career, became the most unlikely hero last night.

Just over two minutes into the extra frame Joe Thornton ended the series, with just his 17th career playoff goal in 97 games, and even gave us a terrific celebration to go with it.


3 responses to “Joe Thornton FINALLY Delivers

  1. He stole my goal celebration! I call that one the break-dancer. Oh well, at least I still have the Olympic Swimmer.

  2. Front or back stroke?

  3. Funny you would ask that. I start with the front-stroke as I’m still sliding forward. Once I stop, I flip over for the back-stroke. The front-stroke is to show off my cleverness and the back-stroke is to show off my hilariousness. Seriously, I’ve had this celebration for awhile now and I love it.

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