Worst Penalty Shot Attempt In Years

With the Tampa Bay Lightning leading the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1 half way through game 6 of their NHL Playoff series, Penguins forward Chris Conner gets hauled down on a break away. As a result he was awarded a penalty shot against Dwayne Roloson. With the chance to tie the game, what happened next could only be described as an epic fail!

Check it out.


5 responses to “Worst Penalty Shot Attempt In Years

  1. Yikes.

  2. I’m sure that won’t haunt him terribly for years

  3. That is so funny Ryan!

    I love the idea of his teammates consoling him: don’t worry, hardly anybody watches playoff hockey; the media these days, they don’t usually get hung up on silly little stories, they tend to prefer the big-picture stuff; with technology these days, nobody will remember it beyond 2043 when all of the hard-drives fail for no apparent reason; it could be worse, you could be on a penalty shot in Game 6 of a series with a chance to tie it up and forget to take the puck into the goalie…oh wait, that one did happen.

  4. Now he has to live with this when his team couldn’t close out the series.

  5. There are only three pre-lockout games: 4/16/88 aginast the Flyers, 4/17/96 aginast Pittsburgh, and 6/4/98 aginast Buffalo.The games are presented in their entirety, with TV timeouts and intermissions edited out. And the edits are noticeable if you watch a lot of hockey. I picked one game at random to watch Game 7 aginast the Rangers, Disc 9 and the edits were a little awkward in a couple of places. I think there was one point where there was an offsides call heading into TV time, and the action went instantly from the whistle to the face-off, which was a jarring transition. And I really would have loved to see more of the postgame celebration, but that wasn’t there: the final horn sounds, and it’s not even twenty seconds before you’re looking at the copyright crawl. That might just be that one disc, however don’t know about the other nine just yet.

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