Henry’s Mock Draft

Who's Hand Will Roger Goodell Be Shaking Tonight?

The Controversial Cam Newton Will Be Picked First Overall Tonight By The Carolina Panthers

1: Carolina Panthers take Cam Newton from Auburn.  I said it 105 days ago, or so the Twitter account says.  I never believed in Jimmy Clausen.  I did believe in Matt Moore.  But now I’m sure that The Panthers need so much help in so many areas, they need to gamble hard.  They will place all their chips on Cam Newton.  P.S.  If I”mto lunch and Carolina goes D-line to replace the hole that Peppers left, look for Ryan Mallet to be the 1st pick of the 2nd round and the absolute steal of the draft.

2. Denver Broncos take Patrick Peterson from LSU.  Champ Bailey’s time has ended in Denver.  Peterson is a stud in every way.  The Bronco’s have a QB, RB, and a mess of wide receivers.  I really think they take a defensive player here and Peterson is my pick.  A lot of people have Marcell Dareus from Alabama going here.  I don’t, although the John Fox effect has me questioning everything.

Henry Goes For A Bit Of A Reach Here Calling The Bills To Draft A.J. Green In The No.3 Spot.

3.  Buffalo Bills take A.J. Green from Georgia.  Buffalo does not need a QB.  Fitzpatrick came from nowhere last year to solve that problem.  What they need are more skilled hands catching balls as he continues to sling next year.  Buffalo probably needs more help on the defensive side, but are too gunshy after 2009 LB Aaron Maybin hasn’t panned out, they will go big or go home.  Green is a game changer and together with the red zone dynamo that is Steve Johnson, they will be a force to be reckoned with on offense next year.

4. Cincinnati Bengals take Marcell Dareus from Alabama.  They were planning on taking a QB the whole way because of Carson Palmers unhappiness but when Dareus falls to 4th, they are blown away.  They snap him up and take their chances on Palmer.

Henry Is Predicting His Boy Ken Whisenhunt Figures Out That Max Hall Is Not The Answer In Arizona.

5. Arizona Cardinals take Blaine Gabbert from Missouri.  Such a debacle at the QB position last year, the Cardinal’s need a plug and play QB now.  Trial by fire will be the dressing room chant and Gabbert is the best QB to fill that position.  Please don’t screw this up Whisenhunt, like you did with Larry Fitz’s last year.


9 responses to “Henry’s Mock Draft

  1. I can’t believe you got pick 2, 3, and 4 wrong. Dareus will go second to the Broncos. Buffalo or Cinncy trades their pick to the Texans who in turn draft Peterson. If the Bills do draft they go defense with Von Miller. If Cinncy drafts they take J.J Watt. Then the Cardinals shock the world and take Julio Jones. Not that big a shock but they plan to trade for Palmer or Kolb.


  2. I can’t believe you hedged your bet on the first overall pick!

    I did like the Fox line. I think he’s confusing the hell out of all of us.

  3. One for five Henry well played.

  4. 1 of 5! You call yourself a football expert. I’m officially downgrading you to “Football Sexpert”.

  5. Luckily for you his daughter already has him wrapped around her finger and he doesn’t frequent the discussion boards anymore. Man I’m jealous

  6. You suckas! I was bang on if Denver didn’t ruin everything with their stupid Von Miller pick. Don’t they already have DJ Williams and Mario Hagans at the LB position. With Dumervill on the D-line, they are bordering on overkill here when they clearly need help in the secondary.

    When Dareus goes, Cincy gets flustered and picks another huge WR. Great player. Not a great fit. Then Peterson falls to Arizona and they are cornered into taking the best player in the draft. I only hope they thought about taking a QB here, because when they didn’t take one in the 2nd or 3rd. Whisenhunt is out unless he signs McNabb or at least an efficient QB in the offseason.


  7. The Broncos made a huge mistake going with Von Miller. This is a team who has Elvis Dumervil on the opposite side, a smaller, undersized type of rush end who can get after the QB.

    Don’t forget, this team is making the transition from the 3-4, back to a traditional 4-3 style of defense, that’s very key. Von Miller has played and excelled in the Texas A&M 3-4 defense as the rush linebacker. He’s now going to be asked to drop into a lot of coverages at the 4-3 OLB spot, as he is going to be playing a brand spanking new position.

    Dareus was the clear logical pick. Denver got eaten alive with teams running the football, and pounding it right down their throats. Dareus is a big time body, who is athletic and can eat up blocks.

    Denver has been a shit drafting team for years, this just shows it.. I like Von, but he’s going to be wasted.

  8. gerry karhut

    where was the show today ????

    cannot get it

  9. Should be on there now. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

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