Derek in Decline?

Sssss, now it burns when I plant and pee.

Captain and leadoff hitter for the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter, was benched on Thursday, for the final game of the series against the Detroit Tigers.  The Yankees lost 3 of 4 against the Tigers, who were 12-16 going into the 4 game series.  Jeter appeared to be sulking after the benching and not exactly exhibiting Captain-like qualities, sparking speculation that he not only will be dropped in the order, but that A-Rod may be taking over as el-Capitan.  Is anyone convinced that the Yankees are still getting value for their $17 million contract for Jeter?

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8 responses to “Derek in Decline?

  1. His fall has been about as graceful as Dallas on roller blades.

  2. Of course the Yankees aren’t gong to get value for their signing but they knew that already. Jeter got a contract for what he has accomplished as a Yankee. Fair or unfair, smart or dumb, we could break it down a million and one ways. The fact is, it’s how the world works.

  3. Let me be the first to say, Dallas, please tell us all more about how the world works. Does he also need to stay in the leadoff spot? Keep his captaincy, because of what he has accomplished?

    Inquiring minds must know.

  4. Roller blades? I thought you were going to say his fall has been about as graceful as Dallas with a stick in his hands.

    PS For those who haven’t seen, it’s not a pretty sight.

  5. Here’s how the world works. Well, first off, to understand this you must first accept that the world is not incredibly efficient. Resigning Derek Jeter for that amount of money makes no sense for the Yankees in terms baseball stats. It does make sense in terms of the fans perception of the team. We can put a value to baseball stats pretty easily but can you put a value to the second one? All I’m trying to say is that we’re rarely judged strictly on our performance throughout our entire careers. There are certain stages where we are but there are also stages where your boss just likes to have you hang around the office…at least I hope there’s a stage like that.

  6. Well I’m glad you have given us all a glimpse into how you stay gainfully employed.

    As for your first sentence, I was going to drop a 1st law of Thermodynamics, but then I don’t think it worked and sounded ridiculous.

    I would say that you can put a value to the fans perception of the team. We oversimplify and compare Yankee merchandising, ticket, and TV contract revenues from Jeter days with the post Jeter era. I’m guessing they will continue to strongly trend in the upward direction like Bre-ex or Enron.

  7. The first law of thermodynamics was my favourite.

  8. Not sure. Texas has an incredible leniup but their pitching scares nobody. However, trying to steal (or hit and run) with Pujols at bat is probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a baseball game. Then again, that’s not to excuse the Yankees from doing anything dumb they are certainly guilty of that. This WS has been somewhat enjoyable however the one blow out game sort of took something out of it. It’s going to be tough now for St. Louis, they lost a game that Carpenter started .. I think they needed to win that game to have a shot. Still, I will be rooting for a game 7 because those are always fun. St. Louis having home field is a separate issue. I’m starting to really come around to the idea that home field should be tied to the overall League records on interleague play. I think this creates interest in the interleague schedule, and could make for some interesting series as interleague play concludes. Say, for instance, the records are close heading into that final weekend of play . an otherwise boring matchup of KC vs. San Diego might determine home field advantage in the WS! I think fans in that city where the game will be played will be juiced and the national media will pay close attention. The nice thing is . you create a different situation every season. Could be fun!

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