Bynum Auditions for the NFL

With the Los Angeles Lakers season coming to an end last night in Dallas, Andrew Bynum started auditioning for the NFL. Jose Barea of the Dallas Mavericks was driving through the key to the rim for a lay-up when Bynum decided to elbow him whilst he was in the air. The result was an ugly spill for Barea and a game ejection for Bynum. The Lakers exited the NBA Playoffs with little to no class.

Some would even call the play “bush league.” Check it out.


4 responses to “Bynum Auditions for the NFL

  1. That is such a fantastic play. A complete jerk move, no doubt, but I love how he lays Barea out, and just keeps walking straight to the dressing room. It’s almost like he just dropped a great joke, dropped the mic, and walked out off the stage. Goodnight!

  2. See when he took his jersey off? Has this guy ever seen the inside of a gym? No wonder this guy gets hurt all the time! Hey Bynum WORK OUT!

  3. Being new to the “other” players on the Lakers, I was blown away to find out this guy is black. The only whiter name than Andrew Bynum has got to be Larry Bird, or Dallas Karhut.

  4. Did Bynum release an apology that included “that’s not how I was raised”?

    First of all, this is not an incident that requires an apology. You team was getting their asses handed to them, it was late in the final game of your regular season, and frustrations got the best of you. It happens.

    Secondly, “that’s not how I was raised”? Yikes, this is definitely not necessary. Why would he throw this into an apology? Were their protesters outside of his parent’s home after the game trying to give them hell for raising shut a violent boy?

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