LeBron Looking Like A Champion

James And Wade Hug It Out After Eliminating The Celtics On Wednesday Night.

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade exorcised so personal demons the other night by eliminating the Boston Celtics. For Wade, he had lost 11-straight games in Boston heading into the series but finally won there in game four. Meanwhile LeBron James’ tenure with Cleveland soured last season when he and the Cavaliers were dominated by the Celtics. Many fans and media scrutinized LeBron for his performance in the series. Well LeBron took his talents to south beach and now looks poised to win a championship or two or, in his words, seven.

The Heat eliminated Boston in game 5 in Miami. “I looked at it as one of the biggest games of my career,” LeBron said. The Heat celebrated like they had just won their first championship. The celebration rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. However I for one understand it. This series to them was a huge mental victory. It not only represents a shift of power in the East but for their star players (James, Wade and Bosh) it gives them reassurance. The reassurance that all the media scrutiny and hate they have been feeling all year is worth it because they are indeed on the path to becoming champions. Will they win it this year? Maybe, maybe not. Time will answer that but going forward this series victory is a HUGE step in the right direction for the Miami Heat.

In game 5’s final moments LeBron James’ allowed his talents to take over as he carried the Heat on his shoulders. He scored the games final 10-points to lead the Heat into the Eastern Conference championship against the Chicago Bulls.

Here’s the video.


6 responses to “LeBron Looking Like A Champion

  1. I think you’re jumping on the Heat bandwagon pretty quickly here. And I do have a problem with a team celebrating a second round victory like that. Let’s face it, the Celtics were not what the hype would have you believe. Keep in mind that this team fell from first in the NBA to losing home court advantage in the second round of the playoffs. And all of this since the all-star break. Also, Rondo was ridiculously bad for the last month of the season and he carried that momentum into the playoffs.

    I’m not saying the Heat can’t win, especially when you consider the remaining teams, but they’re still just through the second round of the playoffs.

  2. Kristian D.

    Not if the DRose has anything to say about this..

  3. Jack Wagon

    How would this be quick for Ryan to jump on the Heat’s bandwagon? Wouldn’t this be next the last moment?

    And the Celtics were a glorious team this year, maybe not the best, but top three just like they finished in the East. Were they not that good when they swept the Knicks? Was Rondo bad during that series?

    You have to listen to the things that come out of your mouth Dallas.

  4. Jack, I think you kind of made my point about the Celtics when you hold up the accomplishment of sweeping the Knicks. The Knicks were not a good team. Not only were they not a good team but they had some serious injury issues. If sweeping the Knicks is the highlight of your team’s list of accomplishments in the 2010/2011 NBA season, I’m would bet that you weren’t a very good team.

    As for Ryan jumping on the Heat bandwagon, I see your point that this isn’t early, it’s actually quite late. I guess I was referring to the regular season band wagoners and the playoff band wagoners. One has to be careful in evaluating the capabilities of any team in the playoffs, in any sport. For example, in the NBA, I guess excluding Memphis and OKC, anybody could come with a number of reasons why the Heat, Bulls, or Mavericks have the best chance at winning the title. Sure, there are probably a lot of good arguments out there but the stat that most influences people is the fact that each of these teams won their last game.

    The way the Heat handled their business was impressive. But, Boston was not a good team. I just think the judgement of the people that are suddenly calling for the Heat to do it all is clouded because of the wins over the Celtics.

  5. So Dallas, in your opinion, are the only “good” teams, who have “good” seasons, the ones who finish 1-2 in the league?

    I would think finishing 3rd in the East and 5th overall in the regular season, plus a 1st round victory in dominant fashion over a supposed emerging dynasty, would make the Celtics a pretty good team that could be proud of their season.

  6. If the Celtics are not a “good” team, what they hell you do you call the T-Wolves?

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