Buckeye Nation in State of Shock Today

"We Won! Fur Coats For Everyone!!!"

It what has been a more than rocky year for Jim Tressel, head coach of the Ohio State Buckeye’s football team, he has decided to step down after a meeting with university officials. Tressel, who coached for ten years at Ohio State, leaves the school with a more than impressive 106-22 record and a string of 6-straight Big 10 Championships. In his ten years he also held an impressive 9-1 record against arch rivals Michigan. He also won a national championship in 2002, just his second year with the school.

His time in Ohio State will be mostly remembered for the wins, sweater vests and conference championships. Although along the way there were bumps in the road. In 2002 after winning the National Championship star running back Maurice Clarett made a fake call to the police stating he was robbed and his car that he ‘borrowed’ from a dealer was broken into. The NCAA began to look further into the matter and Clarett was deemed ineligible and never returned to college football again.

Sweater Vests Will Never Be The Same.

This past year star quarterback Terrell Pryor and 4 of his teammates were suspended for the first 5 games next year for allegedly selling thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia to a tattoo parlor. After that came out more information was leaked that Tressel knew about the wrong doing and decided not to report it. He was fined $250,000 and also suspended 5 games. This off-season more and more recent graduates of the program are coming out saying that they’ve been selling rings, jersey and other items for year.

There has been speculation that former Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer would take over but he has since denied any sort of action stating the job does not interest him.

This Is Painful To See For Buckeye Nation.

At the end of the day the big loser here is Ohio State and the Buckey Nation. Jim Tressel turned this program into perennial winners. Only time will tell how far the program will now fall without their coach of ten years.


One response to “Buckeye Nation in State of Shock Today

  1. Fur coats for everyone? Hilarious!

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