USC Stripped of 2004 National Championship

After the schools failed appeal, of the sanctions imposed on them by the NCAA for Reggie Bush receiving money whilst playing there, the University of Southern California was informed by the BCS that they have been stripped of their 2004 National Championship. The BCS waited for the appeal to be over and for Reggie Bush to officially be named ineligible for that season.

The Trojans finished that season with a 55-19 win over Oklahoma. That incredible performance left just USC, Auburn and Utah as the only undefeated teams in college football. So, the Auburn Tigers now want to be retroactively name National Champions.

The irony of it all is that in 2 or 3 or 5 years from now we may very well be having this exact same discussion about Auburn. Except from the 2011 National Championship that they won when they defeated the Oregon Ducks this January. However Auburn had a player by the name of Cam Newton who was under speculation that he had received money to play there. Now that the season is over people think it is a moot point. But the NCAA has taught us that 3 years after an incident is when they like to spring into action. Stay tuned.

Purely for your enjoyment here is Reggie Bush’s high school hi-light film. The single most dominant high school football player of all-time.


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