Athletes Walking Away From the Game (air date: July 25, 2011)

Henry and Dallas running the show this week as Ryan is once again out (fortunately, his excuse is of the legitimate nature)! This weeks topic:  when athletes walk away from the sport they love. Talk amongst yourselves…uh, on second thought, it’s probably a bit easier if you just tune into the show.

Justin Cooper logged three seasons (2008-10) in the CFL with the Edmonton Eskimos

Besides, it’s not just Henry and Dallas that will lead you through today’s topic, we got Justin Cooper on the show. You may remember Justin Cooper from the Manitoba Bisons Vanier Cup victory in 2007 as he was a key player for the Bisons in the game and throughout the season. After Manitoba, Justin went on to the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL where he logged three seasons before deciding to call it quits before the 2011 campaign. Cooper discusses why he had to make the decision to retire and the benefits of life without football. We think it’s an interesting topic — hopefully you do as well! 

Enjoy the show!

Listen to the show on the media player below.


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