PSU Punished….was it enough?

The Joe Paterno statue has since been removed following the Jerry Sandusky case.

Penn State University was punished this morning for the Jerry Sandusky child abuse case that went on at the school whilst many high ranking officials were completely aware of his actions.

Not only did the likes of Joe Paterno and other school officials become aware of this illegal act between 1998 and 2011, they failed to report it to the police. Further more they didn’t even put any kind of percautions in place to ensure that if it were happening, that it would be stopped.

This is by far the most horrific incident to have ever occured in the NCAA. This is far worse than Ohio State players receiving free tattoos and even more terrible than SMU paying its players.

By rule, the death-penalty in the NCAA, can only be given to a team that is currently under NCAA probation. This of course has only been used 5 times ever and only once in football. That was when the NCAA put it on SMU in 1987 when they repeatedly paid their athletes large sums of money.

Should the program be allowed to continue to play after the worst incident ever in NCAA history?

The death penaly consists of the program ceases to exist for a year and has to apply to get back into the NCAA. They also lose all their scholarships for four years. Thus, allowing players to transfer to any other NCAA school without having to sit out the mandatory one season. They also lose bowl eligibility for four years and the chance to appear on tv. Well at least that is what happened to SMU.

Like with everything in life there is exceptions to every rule. I have been disappointed with the NCAA time and time again in the past, for example the Cam Newton debacle two seasons ago, and really hoped they would get this one right. Don’t get me wrong they hammered the program but only reducing their scholarships by ten (25 to 15) per year and limiting their bowl appearences really doens’t send the message that they should’ve sent. Sure the $60 million for organizations who deal with abused children is a good thing but is it enough?

I played in the NCAA division 1-A football back in 2004. Heck I even played against PSU, we lost but that now is a no decision in the NCAA’s mind, and believe me $60 million is not a lot of money for a top flight football program. UCF is not a big school but even they had spent more than $100 million in football only facilities within 11-months between 2003-04! They went on to spend far more in the next two seasons on an indoor practice facility and on campus stadium.

What Jerry Sandusky did was criminal. What Penn State officials did is beyond reprehensible along with being criminal. They were fully aware of what was happening between 1998 and 2011 but decided to cover it up. They knew going forward Jerry Sandusky was cappable of this and yet did nothing to prevent future occurances.

Not only did Penn State lose instituional control, they broke the law, and even worse damaged and ruined the lives of several young boys. The NCAA needed to step in and give the death penalty to the program. Shut the entire thing down. Make them clean out their entire football staff and school staff that was involved at any point with this tragedy. Make them start over from the ground up. Kill the program. Make them restart from nothing and build their way back up under the close eye of the NCAA officials.

This is the biggest travesty to ever occure in the NCAA, yet it somehow wasn’t treated as such.


Give me your thoughts below!


2 responses to “PSU Punished….was it enough?


  2. My son got accepted to UCF and based on your idiotic article, if this is the type of grads UCF produces, I’m glad he is not going there. (And no, he’s not going to PSU either.)

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