The Buck Starts Here

By Ryan Karhut

A year removed from leading the Blue and Gold to the Grey Cup, Bomber Nation is calling for a change at quarterback…..I may not agree.

Joey Elliot led the lifeless Bombers to an improbably win last week against their division foes the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Not only that but he also passed for over 400 yards in the process, a rare feat by a Bomber QB.

Still my stance going forward is that Buck Pierce should be the starting QB as soon as his body allows him to be. Joey Elliot did a great job of executing the game plan (albeit a limited one) and giving the Bombers a chance to win on Friday. But the fact remains had the Tiger Cats not fumbled the ball 4 times (lost all 4) Joey Elliot would not of even had the chance to be a hero.

This is not me taking shots at Winnipeg’s new favorite hero but the fact is that Buck Pierce simply gives the Blue and Gold the best chance to win each and every week. The team is now 2-5 and needs to win every game possible going forward. Now is not the time to experiment with inexperienced quarterbacks.

The Bomber defense had several key veterans return from injury this week which gave us our first real look at the group this year. They got their Swagger back and returned to being the ball hawking savages that we grew accustom to last year.

With the defense back to full strength and looking primed for a winning streak the offense needs to take another step so that when we get back on the road we can get some much needed wins. In order for that to happen, the coaching staff will need to open the playbook up and be very creative. With an inexperienced quarter back that can not only be tough but at times impossible. You never know what you will get week to week from defenses in the CFL so you need to have answers for everything on offense. That’s what makes veteran quarterbacks so valuable. The Joey Elliot’s’ of the world can survive a week or two on a limited playbook but at some point will be setup for failure on that path. For evidence of this watch the Bombers play the Lions this Friday.

Simply put Buck Pierce is a leader, a game manager, and a great passer which gives the Bombers the best chance to succeed in the next 11 games. When he is healthy and ready to go, he will have my support to lead the Blue and Gold into action.

I’m Ryan Karhut, and that’s my angle.


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