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Santana Crowned

Written by Travis Vandenbrand

The new ace in KC.

Belive it or not, the Kansas City Royals are involved in the first official “splash” of the 2013 MLB offseason. The Los Angeles Angels sent Ervin Santana and his $13 milliona dollar price tag to the Royals for lefthanded reliever Brandon Sisk. Continue reading


Athletics Get Young

Written by Travis Vandenbrand

2012 World Series Champions – San Francisco Giants

First off, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants who, impressively, knocked off the Detroit Tigers who were considered by many to be the overwelming favourites in the 2012 World Series. Despite the brief World Series, the playoffs were exciting and temporarily filled the hockey void left in many Canadian sports fan’s lives. The entire 2012 season was extremely entertaining. The Orioles, Athletics, Nationals and Pirates have given hope to the other perennial cellar-dwellers like the Astros, Royals and Mariners. Speaking of lovable losers, it’s great to say that there has now been two triple crowns awarded since the Toronto Maple Leafs have last won the cup. It was amazing to watch the heroics and accomplishments of the first triple crown winner since 1967, Miguel Cabrera. It was a shame that his spectacular season came to an end by watching a Romo heater go right down the middle of the plate. Mike Trout was remarkable, Buster Posey’s comeback was improbable, R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball was un-hittable and the Yankees playoff’s were despicable. What else could you ask for in a successful MLB season/playoffs? Continue reading

Breaking Down the Mega Deal

Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez wearing Dodger blue.

By Travis Vandenbrand

The Dodgers and the Red Sox caught a lot of people off guard last week with one of the biggest trades in recent memory. The Red Sox sent Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto to the Dodgers for James Loney, Ivan DeJesus Jr., Jerry Sands, Rubby De La Rosa, and Allen Webster.

Fresh under new ownership, the Dodgers have put the rest of the MLB on notice that they are serious contenders this year and beyond. The four players they Continue reading

How Did Adrian Gonzalez First At Bat Go?

After being officially traded to the Los Angles Dodgers on Saturday . Gonzalez was part of a massive 9-player trade that sent more than a quarter of a billion dollars and salary to the Dodgers in return for James Loney and four minor leaguers. Joining Gonzalez in Los Angles will be last years prize free agent Carl Crawford and pitcher Josh Beckett.

Adrian Gonzalez didn’t wait long to make an impact with his new team in his very first at bat.

Young, Talented, and Benched?

By Jon Ali

The Washington Nationals have certainly gained a lot of attention this season with their play on the field but it’s a recent front office decision that has created a great deal of debate. The Nationals have declared on several occasions that

Strasburg won his 15th game of the season on Tuesday night.

they will cap the number of innings thrown by their all-star pitcher Steven Strasburg because he is coming off a season ending surgery in 2011. In previous seasons this would be an easy decision, but the Nationals are having the best season in franchise history and are right in the thick of a playoff hunt. A great deal of their success comes from a dominant starting rotation led by Steven Strasburg who has an era of 2.91 and has 173 strikeouts in 139 innings pitched. He is not only the most talented pitcher in the National League he is also the most exciting. Every time he toes the rubber there is a chance something historic may happen.

The speculation is that Strasburg will be capped at 160 innings this season and will be removed from the rotation no matter the impact on this year’s post Continue reading

This Is Not A Fish Story

by Travis Vandenbrand

Everybody’s heard countless fish stories. Some stories from their Dad, brother or even best friend about the larger-than-life creature that just got away. This fish story involves a trout, but there is no exaggerating about how big he is going to get.

Mike Trout has been making spectacular plays all season in what could be the 21-year olds first of many MVP seasons.

Mike Trout was drafted three years ago in the first round, 25th overall, by the LA Angels. I have a feeling there are twenty-four scouts who have a lot of explaining to do about how this five-tool phenom isn’t wearing their colours. The only scout who may be left off the list is the Nationals representative who had the easiest job in the world recommending Stephen Strasburg.

Immediately, Trout signed with the halos and began his pro career at the ripe age of 18. He spent the remainder of 2009 and all of 2010 in single A and Continue reading

Wheeling and Dealing (air date: August 10th, 2012)

Andrew Tinnish at the plate for Brock University.

Athlete’s Angle is back on the air and this time it is hosted by Jon Ali and Ryan Karhut! On the first show of the fall the boys are joined by Andrew Tinnish, the assistant GM of the Toronto Blue Jays, to talk about the process of making a trade.

We will also hilite Winnipeg’s own Chris Shaw who was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers this year in the Major League Baseball draft in the 38th round.


Derek in Decline?

Sssss, now it burns when I plant and pee.

Captain and leadoff hitter for the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter, was benched on Thursday, for the final game of the series against the Detroit Tigers.  The Yankees lost 3 of 4 against the Tigers, who were 12-16 going into the 4 game series.  Jeter appeared to be sulking after the benching and not exactly exhibiting Captain-like qualities, sparking speculation that he not only will be dropped in the order, but that A-Rod may be taking over as el-Capitan.  Is anyone convinced that the Yankees are still getting value for their $17 million contract for Jeter?

Check out the full story here.

Ozzie Has No Love For His Bullpen

Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox, is a little upset by the fact his team just blew their third 3-run ninth inning lead of the season. An obviously frustrated Guillen is feeling the effects of a 7-5 start. Especially when you consider if the team had no blown saves this year they would be a league best 11-1. Check out his post game comments.

With the fact being that the White Sox should be 11-1 and knowing how close the race always is for playoff positioning, I’m almost lead to believe Guillen is being too easy on his closers. If that was my team in that situation, I think I would be a lot harder on the guys who are not doing their job. These are professionals that get paid a lot of money to work two or three innings a week. It’s not a big work load but you have to be effective when you come into the game. Their appearances in my mind have been unacceptable. What do you think, is Guillen going too far or not far enough?

Hamilton Throws Coach ‘Under The Bus’

Josh Hamilton, the reigning American League MVP, threw his coach under the bus yesterday after breaking his arm on what he describes as a ‘dumb’ play. You be the judge.

 The play will end up costing Hamilton 6-8 weeks on the disabled list. Should players always listen to their coach or are there times and circumstances that the player should make their own decisions?