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10 responses to “Fantasy!

  1. Henry, first time-long time. My fantasy teams stink. I need a quick pick of the waiver wire. Preferably an every down back who also gets a lot of goal line carries. Also, I missed the waiver wire this week so he needs to be quite the hidden gem. What have you got for me?

  2. Hey Joe, it sounds like you are in big trouble in your league but your predicament sounds just like one of our writers on staff here at AA. His team is awful too but this situation will let me scour our league to see if there is any chance that you can recover. Looking things over we are in trouble. Every down backs are a commodity in all fantasy leagues, but I have two suggestions for you. First would be Fred Taylor, this aging used to be good running back is arguably the starter in NE. With Laurence Maroney traded to Denver, Taylor could emerge as the clear cut #1 in a high scoring offense and help you to eek out some wins this year. My second suggestion is not as good but more likely available. Peyton Hillis of the Cleveland Browns. He split carries with Jerome Harrison last week and got the score. Many people own and talk highly of Harrison but Hillis is for some reason left off the radar just like he was in Denver last year. Good luck with those two and remember you won’t be doing any worse than our Dallas who went 0-2 this last week in our leagues and will probably maintain his losing streak this week.


  3. You’re a jerk Henry, it was me this whole time. But that is some pretty good fantasy advice. I thought there would be no way you could find any type of a solution but you did find something. I will take your advice and then proceed to beat you down!

  4. Hey Henry, who would you start at running back next week if you had Benson, Mendenhall and Forsett?

  5. Henry, your advice was badass! Peyton Hillis,9 points! You really are a fantasy expert.

  6. I am not touching Forsett until he separates from that pack of mediocrity on Seattle. With only 10 and 9 touches in week 1 and 2 he can stay on your bench in my opinion. So the question really comes down to Benson or Mendenhall? Since Tampa Bay is giving up a 4.0 yards per carry on average and Mendenhall is getting a 22-23 carries per game, I will vote him. Benson is very tempting since Carolina can’t get anything together and will be switching QB’s this weekend, but I lean towards Mendenhall as my pick.

    Thanks for the comment and be sure to download the podcast for our second show on the website.


  7. Was there ever really a question? I feel like George here and I should leave on a high note in my giving advice, so Goodnight! I’m outta here!

  8. Dude, Athletes angle is the Waynes World of sports talk radio!! Nice work.

  9. Thanks Ian. I like that comparison!

  10. Best quote from Wayne’s World:

    “A gun rack… a gun rack. I don’t even own *a* gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do… with a gun rack?”

    Thanks for your feedback Ian we appreciate it!

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