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NHL Player Try To Win Over Fans

The NHL owners have locked out the players and the season is once again in doubt just like in 2004. This time around the players have decided to take a public approach with social media to help get fans on their side. At the end of the day the players have very little leverage. None of these owners are going broke with the NHL not playing. Most of these owners are billionaires despite being NHL owners. Hockey is not how they acquired their wealth and they still are bringing other dollars in through various other companies. The players on the other hand are getting paid until December 1st. Then most will have no further income until hockey gets back on the ice. It is in their best interest to get a deal done prior to Christmas. Either way we are starting to see each side make public appeals so they don’t look like the “bad guys” during this dark time in the NHL.

Here is the players plead to fans.


Take 5… NFL players heading north, all-Canadian MLS rivalries, concussions forcing change, trouble with Twitter, and the NFLPA being childish.

Here on Take 5… we’re going to give you a quick run down on the 5 most interesting sports stories of the previous week along with our takes on each story. 

With the NFL players locked out by the owners, speculation has begun that some players may head North to the CFL.  How much truth is there to these rumors?
Dallas: There is nothing to this. The CFL would not jeopardize it’s relationship with the NFL and the NFLPA would not jeopardize it’s relationship with the CFLPA. Probably more the first thing though.
Henry:  The CFL has made it clear to its teams, that they cannot make offers to NFL players under contract.  We may see some rare non-contract B-list players that sneak into the CFL, but it will be at the detriment to the team and player.  This was a stunt by Jason Babin, nothing more.
Ryan:  If the Ricky Williams incident taught us anything, and it hasn’t, it’s that the CFL will never again step on the toes of the NFL. So no, despite the shockingly desperate threat by one Jason Babin, NFL players will be heading to the CFL. #firekenwhisenhunt

At least there were fans in the stands to catch him.

The 1st ever Major League Soccer all-Canadian clash happened Saturday afternoon at Empire field, in Vancouver. The expansion Vancouver Whitecaps defeated the Toronto FC 4-2 in a thriller.  Is this the beginning of a long term rivalry that Canadian soccer fans can get in to?
Henry:  Any Canadian that gets excited for football right now is not following MLS.  They follow the English Premiere League and this is not an equivalent.  I’m glad the MLS is expanding into Canada and that we will get some development systems put in place for our young talent, but this is not firing up any notable rivalry, any time soon.
Dallas: 6 goals scored in a soccer game – I think a lot of people took notice and yes, a rivalry was born yesterday. It’s disappointing how many 0-0 games were going to have coming our way after the Whitecaps blew their goal budget for the next 4 games!
Ryan: I hope the MLS catches on in Canada and it would be great to see Montreal get a team next. This game was exciting to watch, great pace, fans were into it and I’m excited to follow the MLS this year for, well, the first time ever! #firekenwhisenhunt

That's just a hockey play.

The NFL is doing all it can to reduce concussions by introducing protective measures which many believe are extreme and unnecessary. The NHL is going in the opposite direction after announcing there will be no blanket penalties for hits-to-the-head. Which leagues approach do you most agree with?
Dallas: These headlines coming out of the NHL’s GM meetings are concerning and the NHL should at least be worried about the bad publicity if they aren’t going to worry themselves with hits to the head.
Henry:  The NFL coddles and loves its players so much it resembles a smothering mother.  How is there not a CBA in place?  Why won’t these players wise up and realize how much Goodell loves them?  Sure he wants to exploit them, but he loves them all the same.
Ryan:  The NFL is protecting itself in a time of uncertainty. Look how bad MLB looked when all these steroid cases were going to congress. At least if concussion cases ever go that far the NFL can stand up and say they took drastic measures to alter the safety of their game. The NHL can say “if you sue us we’ll suspended you for 10-games….no we’re bluffing, 3-games because this is only your 4th time doing this.”  #firekenwhisenhunt

This is for all my fellow hated bretheren.

NBA referee Bill Spooner is suing Minnesota Timberwolves beat reporter Jon Krawczynski, for tweeting that the referee told the Timberwolves head coach that he’d give his team a make up call following a bad call by the ref against the T’wolves.  Spooner states that he told the coach he’d “review the call at half time”.  Should everyone be legally responsible for their tweets?
Henry:  I want my tweets to remain like my farts, anonymous; or at least without consequence or face to face confrontation.  Accountability is not one thing I look for in Twitter.  Being able to speak my mind and make jerk comments about famous athletes that I take personal beef with, will continue to be my mantra on Twitter.  I feel like this AP reporter crossed a line and the ref has recourse, but I’d like to remain above the law and continue my tweeting with reckless abandon.
Dallas: You should not be held legally responsible for your tweets – unless they allege that somebody acted inappropriately. These are indeed law suit worthy.
Ryan:  I think this guy broke several ‘codes’ of journalism by tweeting this and yes you should be held accountable for your tweets. Henry tweeted “#threewordstoliveby fire Ken Whisenhunt!”  That’s why Henry is taking a leave of absence from the show for a while. Also I would just like to say   #sorryMrWhisenhuntididn’tmeanit

What would JaMarcus have now if he didn't have this moment?

Sources say the NFLPA has put a plan in place that would deter top college prospects from attending the draft.  The NFLPA publicly has announced that it has no plans, but it recognizes that this year will have a different feel.  What decision would you make if you were a top prospect in this years draft?
Henry:  I would cherish my moment in the spotlight, but I’m selfish.  The weight of this negotiation should not come crashing down on my parade.  This stunt will not bring down the NFL and the NFLPA should feel shame for even hinting that these players should boycott the draft.
Dallas:  Let me get this straight: the NFLPA, who is about to sell out the NFL rookies by giving the owners a rookie salary cap, wants the very same NFL rookies to support their cause. It’s ridiculous for the NFLPA to ask rookies to give up their moment to an association their not even a part of.
Ryan:  These guys have been dreaming about this day for years. Now the union is negotiating, on behalf of these guys, that rookies take a huge pay cut compared to past draft classes wants a favor from them. This union is trying to stick it to the players by all accounts! I wonder why people say unions don’t work? #firecolincampbell