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Performance Enhancing Drugs (air date: August 31st, 2012)

After 290 km in the winter bike race in Alaska, Lindsay had to withdraw due to severe frostbite.

On this weeks show Jon and Ryan are joined by Lindsay Gauld! The former endurance athlete was enshrined into the Sports Manitoba Hall of Fame in 1997 for his accomplishments in cycling, cross-country skiing and power skating. We will get some insight as to when he started to notice PED’s creeping into the sport of cycling. We will also get his thoughts on the Lance Armstrong story that has rocked the sports world in the past week.

The boys will also be talking about the big news in Bomber nation when on Saturday the Blue and Gold fired head coach Paul LaPolice.

Check out the show on the audio player below.

[audio https://athletesangle.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/aa-0004-peds-podcast.mp3]