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Goldeyes Going For It All (air date: September 14th, 2012)

On this weeks show Jon and Ryan will talk about the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement expiring on Saturday and what Jets fans can do about it. They will also talk Bison football as the Herd are off to a 2-0 start this year. As well as your Winnipeg Goldeyes are going for the American Associations Championship tonight in game three of the finals in Wichita. All this and so much more this week on Athlete’s Angle.

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Where it all went wrong…

By Ryan Karhut

Investors Group Field has been a focal point for much of the Bombers season.

With the much anticipated hype of the new stadium, management took some bad advice and assumed it would be done prior to the original completion date. Armed with the good news the Bombers requested the CFL to start them on the road for the first four games. Thus giving them time to ensure the new stadium would be ready to open for game five of the season….let’s start there.

With delays of the stadiums completion taking away from the team itself, the Continue reading

I Hope This Goes Wells (air date October 17th, 2011)

Grayson Wells celebrates after recovering a fumble for a touchdown against the Saskatchewan Huskies. The Bisons knocked off the then undefeated Huskies 26-16 on Home-Coming day for the Brown and Gold at University Stadium.

On this weeks show Grayson Wells from the Bisons is joining me today in studio to guest host the show. He’ll do his best to provide some insight into the MLB Playoffs and fighting in hockey.We are going to talk to Dustin Shulz of the Winnipeg Rifles as he and his teammates prepared for their weekend playoff matchup with the Saskatoon Hilltops. We are also going to discuss the Bison football team getting back on track against an old foe.  All this and so much more today on Athlete’s Angle. Check it out!

Nutrition (air date: September 26, 2011)

On this week’s Athlete’s Angle sans Ryan Karhut (see what I did here? Don’t get it? Tune into the first five seconds of the show and it will make sense) we take a closer look at nutrition and how an athlete can potentially better their performance simply by incorporating a healthy diet into their routine. Sounds difficult? Well, it shouldn’t because Ryan Henry is going to outline 5 easy steps to lose that belly and even you can’t screw it up . Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is and you just passed the first test. The truth is, revamping your diet takes hard work, dedication, and the help of a professional sure wouldn’t hurt. Be sure to catch the show for an interesting discussion on nutrition and how it affects our athletic performances.

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Off-Season Training (air date: September 19, 2011)

Are you ready for the upcoming season? We didn’t think so. That’s why Athlete’s Angle with Ryan Karhut went out of its way to get you up to speed on what you should be thinking about during the off-season in terms of improving your fitness level and, more importantly, why you should be thinking of getting bigger, stronger, and faster. 

Joining Ryan and the crew today is Keith Omaerah, a second year Bisons basketball player. Omaerah discusses “the best off-season of (his) career” and how he anticipates it will help him out in Canada West play this upcoming season.

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Mixed Bag (air date: September 12, 2011)

We got a bit of a mixed bag for you on this week’s edition of Athlete’s Angle with Ryan Karhut. Ryan talks a little Bisons and Rifles football, including an interview with Ryan Marsch, quarterback of the Winnipeg Rifles. What’s that? You haven’t heard of Ryan Marsch? Well, you better take note. You see, Marsch chucked 7 touchdown passes last week in Edmonton against the Wildcats, an achievement which earned him PFC offensive player of the week honours (check out his highlight video here). And it’s not like this is a one-time thing as Marsch is on pace to set a number of CJFL passing records this season. Ryan and the crew also discuss team travel and teaching young athletes professionalism. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show!

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Helping Youth Through Sport (air date: August 22, 2011)

On this week’s version of Athlete’s Angle with Ryan Karhut we examine how sport can help out today’s youth. Joining us to talk about a very unique program operating out of Winnipeg is Marty Miller, a recreation technician with the City of Winnipeg. Marty runs the Manitoba Youth Angler program dedicated to teaching youth how to respect our natural resources and community through conservation and preservation. The program is truly unique in that it is geared towards at-risk youth and there is no cost for participants. Later in the show, the crew continues the helping-youth-through-sport theme by discussing the new non-tackle tackle football proposed for various high schools on Vancouver Island.
Join us for these topics and much more by listening to the podcast in the media player below.

Let’s go Climbing (air date: August 15, 2011)

This week on Athlete’s Angle with Ryan Karhut we are truly going beyond the box score as we take a closer look at a sport that doesn’t even have a box score:  climbing. Have you been paying attention to the growing popularity of this sport? What is all of the fuss anyways? Well, to help answer those questions, we called in Justin Jones, owner of Vertical Adventures in Winnipeg and an avid climber (actually, avid climber doesn’t even come close to describing Justin — this guy is a climbing superstar!). I don’t want to spoil the ending of the show, but I think Ryan and Dallas are pretty hooked on climbing and heh, if you are too by the end of the podcast, why don’t you call up Justin at Vertical Adventures and try climbing out for yourself!

Enjoy the show!

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Winnipeg Roundup (air date: August 8, 2011)

The Athlete’s Angle crew gets back together to resume their regular sports-talk duties after taking the August long weekend off. And what better way to get you back into the swing of things than to give you, the loyal listener, an earful about the Winnipeg sports scene, which is alive and well to say the least. Ryan and the crew further discuss the most recent Jets news including a jersey scandal, the first-place Blue Bombers, and there may even be a Gold Eyes reference in there for your listening pleasure. Oh yeah, the NFL also got back to work a couple of weeks ago and free agency has been going crazy ever since — and well, we haven’t gotten through one show yet where the NFL didn’t get discussed so we figured why stop now.

Enjoy the show!

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Athletes Walking Away From the Game (air date: July 25, 2011)

Henry and Dallas running the show this week as Ryan is once again out (fortunately, his excuse is of the legitimate nature)! This weeks topic:  when athletes walk away from the sport they love. Talk amongst yourselves…uh, on second thought, it’s probably a bit easier if you just tune into the show.

Justin Cooper logged three seasons (2008-10) in the CFL with the Edmonton Eskimos

Besides, it’s not just Henry and Dallas that will lead you through today’s topic, we got Justin Cooper on the show. You may remember Justin Cooper from the Manitoba Bisons Vanier Cup victory in 2007 as he was a key player for the Bisons in the game and throughout the season. After Manitoba, Justin went on to the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL where he logged three seasons before deciding to call it quits before the 2011 campaign. Cooper discusses why he had to make the decision to retire and the benefits of life without football. We think it’s an interesting topic — hopefully you do as well! 

Enjoy the show!

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