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Athlete’s Angle – Media in Sports (air date November 8, 2010) – On this week’s Athlete’s Angle with Ryan Karhut, the crew is discussing the role of the media in sports. This includes a discussion about the responsibilities of athletes in dealing with the media and current trends in sports media. Chris Zuk, the sports information officer with the University of Manitoba, joins us to discuss how they inform the public about the Bisons.  In fantasy, Henry wants to be sure you’re taking care of the little things by getting a hold of a kicker that’s capable of big things.

Athlete’s Angle – Fighting in Hockey (air date November 1, 2010) – Let’s talk fighting and more importantly, the role of fighting in hockey.  Tommy Maxwell of the Manitoba Moose joins us on the show to further educate us on fighting and how to become a fighter.  The crew also discuss a little baseball and of course, we take a look at emerging talent in our fantasy football segment.

Athlete’s Angle – Big Hits & Concussions (aired October 25, 2010) – Concussions seems to be the new “it” topic in sports this year.  Luke Fritz, offensive lineman for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, joins Ryan to discuss football hits and whether or not the game is getting more violent.  This prompts the crew to  take a closer look at the causes of concussions and the preventative measures that can be taken by players and leagues to help minimize the frequency of concussions.  Henry walks us through another version of Who Dat!? and gets you all caught up with the Athlete’s Angle Listener League in the fantasy football segment.

Athlete’s Angle – Stadiums (aired October 18, 2010) –Have you noticed how many stadiums are either in construction or being proposed in cities across Canada?  Well, we have.  Cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Quebec City all have stadium or arena projects either proposed or under construction.  To help us sort out some of the issues that come along with these types of projects, we’re joined by Councillor Mike O’Donnell, the Ward 8 representative in the City of Regina, who walks us through the process the City of Regina is currently going through with their stadium development initiative.  In our fantasy football segment, Henry sorts out who does and does not belong in the top tier of quarterbacks.

Athlete’s Angle – Hockey Talk (aired October 11, 2010) –Hockey season is back and it is here to stay…well, at least until the spring.  Jason Gregor, host of the Jason Gregor Show on the Team 1260 in Edmonton joins us to preview the upcoming NHL season for all 6 Canadian teams.  Ryan and the bench discuss the NHL’s start in Europe along with some NFL trades.  Also, Henry is activated from the IR and hosts another segment of Who Dat!?  I don’t want to give anything away but he makes it through the entire segment without re-injuring himself!

Athlete’s Angle – MLB Playoff Preview (aired October 4, 2010) -No guest this week so you get a whole lot more of Ryan Karhut, Dallas, and Matty!  Today, the crew talks baseball and MLB playoffs.  The guys make some World Series predictions, audio that I’m sure will come back to haunt somebody (especially Ryan).  Learn what kind of tip the bench would leave if they had to pay up on a $54,000 bill.  Get your fantasy football fill with a little game of fantasy Who-Dat!

Athlete’s Angle – Recruiting & Scholarships, Part 2 (aired September 27, 2010) -In Part 2 of our Recruiting and scholarships show, we  get the coach’s perspective on recruiting as we talk to Coach Brian Dobie, head coach of the University of Manitoba Bisons, and discuss his recruiting experiences.  Matt Singer finally makes an appearance off the bench to join the crew to discuss how the recruiting rules are affecting football across the country.  In our fantasy segment, Conrad fills in for Henry and does so well hosting Fantasy Feud that he named himself segment champion!

Be sure to tune into the extended version of the Coach Dobie interview at the tail end of the podcast.  Coach Dobie gave us a lot of great stuff; unfortunately, we couldn’t squeeze everything into the show.  Be sure to check it out.

Athlete’s Angle – Recruiting & Scholarships, Part 1 (aired September 20, 2010) – In part 1 of a 2 part series, we look a little deeper into what athletes consider when choosing a university to continue their education and athletic careers as Ryan shares some of his recruiting experiences through junior and university football.  We’re joined by Erica Holmes and Sarah Stebeleski, both of whom played for the University of Manitoba Bisons womans hockey team, and they help shed some light on the ins and outs of scholarships.  In this weeks fantasy football segment, Henry fills us in on what offensive stars to hit the panic button on after Week 1 of NFL action.

Athlete’s Angle – Football Extravaganza (aired September 13, 2010) – The crew forecasts the top teams in the NFL for the upcoming 2010 season, Kahleel Williams, QB of the University of Manitoba Bisons, stops by to discuss the Bisons chances in Canada West football for the 2010 season, and the crew get their feud on and reveal the top offensive players in NFL fantasy football.